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Archive for the ‘Writing’ Category

Epic Fail.

Posted by mousewrites on November 30, 2008

catgirl army gearSo… It’s November 30th, around 9:30 PM. If all had gone according to plan, I should be somewhere around 49,000 words, pulling though the home stretch. My main character should be either in as much danger as superhumanly possible, or about 10 seconds from it.

Instead, she’s having a soda and a slice of pizza, blissfully unaware of the shadowy group about to pull her world down.

Yes, I fail. My final Nanowrimo count is 22,060, a full 27,940 words short of goal. I didn’t even make 50%. I am made of fail!

Yet, I do not despair. I have hope. I will continue to write, as I like this story, and have had some feedback from the couple of people who have read the work in progress that it just might polish up into something awesome. It has a mind-controlled emo catgirl army, for fuck’s sake. What could be better?

A finished novel could be better, I hear you cry.

Indeed, indeed. I know. But I’m happy with my WIP as it stands, and am optimistic for the future.


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Posted by mousewrites on November 23, 2008

victory dance


Um, I mean… forsooth, a victory! I’ll keep going, but… hell yeah!


(Picture from  Code Arachn!d is back, via flickr, titled ‘victory dance’)

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Posted by mousewrites on November 22, 2008

death note.

This isn’t fun anymore. I can’t write. CAN”T WRITE. I suck, i’m worthless, i’m unmotivated… looking at my story is like staring into the sun. Why do I do this every year! Oh, to take arms against a sea of semicolons, and by opposing, end this madness that is NaNoWrimo! Take heed, my brave and noble savages, those of you with rightfacing hearts that never had the hubris of the ‘NaNo novelist’ who, with pen upraised and soul wrapped in cotton, thought to themselves ‘I can do this.’

You are the brave ones, the right ones. I? I am nothing but a ball of madness wrapped in a sweater, with dishes undone and fingers aching. I will continue, as I have left my tenuous sanity behind.

Remember me, when they find my broken form, bleeding words from a hundred thousand paper cuts. Remember me.


(Picture credit .diamond grave. via Flickr)

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Posted by mousewrites on November 12, 2008

Starting to stress. Tried to write for hours tonight… didn’t get very far. Have a long day of work and a date with the hubby tomorrow, so no writing then, either.

… this coming weekend will have to go better than the last if I’m going to survive this thing.


(awesome picture that sums up what i’m feeling right now by …rachael…)

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Posted by mousewrites on November 9, 2008

Second life

:: whimper :: didn’t catch up, but wrote a bunch.


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Posted by mousewrites on November 7, 2008

Snatched a few mins at work at lunch.

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3486 – I’m way behind and I don’t CARE

Posted by mousewrites on November 6, 2008


Because I have a plot.


(picture by the Pleb via Flickr)

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Posted by mousewrites on November 3, 2008

I should be at about 5,000 tonight. Not going to happen, I don’t think. But I’m going to push on a bit more tonight. I’ve had a few mood swings already.

The twitteresque ramble: Nutria

  • OMG, am I writing the superhero version of the Dresden novels?
  • Of course you are, because that’s what you’re reading, you hack.
  • No, no, keep going.
  • WFT is wrong with you? This sucks.
  • Shut UP. Brain, keep going.
  • Glowing, floating nutria? There is something deeply wrong with you.
  • YAY, Ghostbusters reference! Nobody will notice but me.
  • Why are you writing this? GO WRITE.

:: slinks away ::

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Here we go

Posted by mousewrites on November 1, 2008

November 1st. I’ve been awake for approximately 10 minutes.

I’m already guilty that I haven’t written anything.mapbag

By 11 o’clock, I have to be on the Max (light rail) taking S to the Amtrak station, so that he can visit his family in Seattle. Then it’s a relaxing 45 minutes on the Max to Ryan’s house, where I will write and be guilty that I’m not writing when I’m not writing. I have my EEE, which means that I could write on the train. I really  need to figure out a good way to do that, as the EEE is just little enough that it’s hard to balance on my lap. I have a military Map Bag that has a hard back; I may shift all my stuff into that for the month and see how that goes.

I have, however, decided on a theme for my frantic scrubbings. S suggested I do a collection of short stories, kind of a Weird Tales thing that would encompass a lot of the ‘maybe 8000 word’ ideas I had. It’d be connected, but not one store. This is very very slightly against the ‘rules’ of NaNoWriMo, but, honestly, I’d still be writing 50,000 words of fiction, so I don’t care.

Look at me, breakin’ a rule. I’ve already started the slide into madness.

Portent-copyWhat I decided to start with, though, has already grown past the ‘maybe 8000 word’ idea it started with. It may take up the whole damn month.

Rocket Robby, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m writing the Portent story. (Rocket Robby was the one who leapt on this concept and has been poking me with a stick to make it into a full-blown story. )

Yes, me and my fairly disgusting superheroine will be spending a lot of time together this month. The world has shifted a bit from the one she started in, though Ryan’s worldbuilding is what created her, and there’s a lot of that still in there. But the scope has changed to encompass the things I need it to.


  1. Do I have the scenes mapped out, perhaps with salient plot twists and well researched information recorded for easy access. – Uh, no.
  2. Do I have an outline of my plot? – No.
  3. Do I have a plot? – Hell no.
  4. Do I have a modicum of sense? – Apparently not.

Not a good sign that I’m already talking to myself.

Yes, I’m procrastinating. It’s been 20 minutes now, I’ve been awake for a half hour, and I’m still at 0 words.

Things I must do before I start (AKA, LIST OF PROCRASTINATION)

  • Download a excel spreadsheet tracker thing. Seems frivolous, but it really helps me. – Done before I posted. yay!
  • Decide where the fuck I’m storing this thing. Google docs? What if I’m not online? My flash drive? Perfect… if I knew where the hell it was. Just on the HD of either the Dude (main pc) or Jarvis (the EEE)? But… what if I’m at work, or the train, or… or…
  • Yeah, I have no idea. I’ll probably start with Google Docs for now.
  • Though, If I can find my flash drive, I’ll use that.
  • And what software? I’m partial to yWriter (free, feature rich, small footprint, can be put on a flash drive), but it and Jarvis don’t get along (Jarvis is running the EEE pc version of Linux). Word is like a comfy old shoe, but I know there’s better things out there. Liquid Story Binder XE looks to be perfect, if I was just writing a novel and NOT doing NaNo; it lets you plot things out to a degree that’s amazing. Not free, true, but awesome.
  • Get Steve up – woot, done.
  • Charge Jarvis – in progress. He only has about a 3 hour battery life, but he charges really quickly. Should be done before we leave.

I need to get going. There will be updates to the blog. Watch this space for insanity.

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Ok, the madness has let me go, briefly…

Posted by mousewrites on October 21, 2008

My life is odd.

I had a fantastic weekend with my bestest girl, up from California, and we played with yarn and napped in the sunshine and romped around the city, like kittens let out to play. It was great, and I miss her already.

November is coming.

This means two things. Elections (Go man GO!), and  NaNoWriMo.

Yes, I’m doing NaNo again this year. I haven’t beaten it since 2004, but I try every year. 2006 I only got about 12,000 words into my 50,000, and stopped like a train out of coal. 2007 I did… nothing? I can’t remember.

This year, I expect things to be a bit better. For one, I have my EEE PC, which will let me take my writing anywhere I’m going. No more excuse that I can’t write because I’m going out. Secondly, I work at Yahoo! now, which means I have the mental energy left to DO something with my evenings. (Yes, Yahoo! announced 10% layoffs today, and I might be out of a job, but I don’t think so, and I still love the company.)

But there are some rocks on my road.

First of all, takes up a lot of time. There has to be some give, somewhere, and the wallpaper site gets it. I’m not going to STOP, but I am going to use a lot of filler in November. If anyone has any steampunk art, links, websites, or anything else they’d like profiled, drop me a comment.

Second of all…. I still don’t know what I’m writing.

I’ve got a list of things I might write about.

  1. The steampunk erotica story that’s been eating my brain for two months.
  2. The hard(ish) science/steampunk story that’s been eating my brain for two years. I’ve mostly chopped the random erotica out of it and put that up in the story above, so I can now concentrate on the plot rather than the porn.
  3. The Jump cop/noir/sci-fi thingy.
  4. The Roach-Girl story.
  5. My Rat King story.
  6. The Lost Novel book, which came to me at 3 PM on a Wednesday last week. Random, but cool.
  7. I’ve still got the story I refer to as ‘the molerats in space’ story kicking in my head. I’ve written it twice. 100,000 words, and it still isn’t even close to being done.
  8. The random SI Radio Librarian Porn thing I wrote. No, I’m not linking you to it. 😀 But it could expand into a novel…
  9. Something Else. I owe a butt-ton of writing to family and friends.

I’m leaning toward #1, if only because I can do RANDOM stuff in there without worrying overly about the Big Scary Plot. I know at least one person who will vote for #4, because I know he loves the concept.

Oh, internets! I don’t know what to do!

I will be updating this blog more often, though. 😀

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