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Nanowrimo 2009

Posted by mousewrites on November 3, 2009

Ok, so, I haven’t posted in a few months…



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Where’s the Money, Lebowski?

Posted by mousewrites on June 9, 2008

Quote from the ageless movie, The Big Lebowski. I adore this movie. I named my computer The Dude after this movie.eee

But you’re not here for the money, you’re here for the video of me getting my hair chopped off, or perhaps the disastrous ‘after’ picture. I don’t have them for you, not yet. Now, let’s all just be chill. You’ll get your movie. I just need some more time, man, that’s all.

To tide you bloodsuckers over, here’s a piece I wrote about 4 years ago about losing my car. This is also in honor of my purchase of a EEE PC 4G to write on. I don’t write enough anymore. I used a bit of my Stimulus check to get an older model. I don’t really need the extra bells and whistles the 900 series has, so I went with the little one. Isn’t it cute?




Of Ships by Mousewrites

The first time she saw the car it was parked in front of a very nice house. So nice, in fact, that the girl thought there must be some kind of underhanded deal going on; why would somebody in that big a house be selling a 1985 Honda Accord, let alone for 1,400 bucks?

But it wasn’t sinister at all; the car was their daughter’s. She had bought it while in collage, and now that she was back, mommy and daddy got her a nice silver Lexus, and she didn’t need the little bronze Honda anymore. The price was low just so she could get rid of it.

The girl had only had her license for about a year, and had driven all of twenty minutes in her friends’ cars in that time. She was 24, old enough that her father thought she would never learn to drive. Her younger brother and sister had their licenses before she did, though her sister only beat her by a handful of days.

Of course, her sister was 8 years younger, but never mind.

The girl didn’t know how to buy a car. She had almost 2,000$ saved up, scrimping and pinching money for a few months, and some money from her boyfriend, and she bought the car on the spot.

Later she learned it had a cracked axle and a hole in the exhaust pipe, but the axle was actually cheap to fix, and it still passed smog, so she didn’t mind.

Right before she bought the car, the girl had seen “Pirates of the Caribbean” with Johnny Depp. She saw it 8 times. Her favorite line was this:

“It’s not a keel and a deck and sails; that’s what a ship needs. What a ship is…is freedom.”

She got a license plate frame for the car that said “The Bronze Pearl.”


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What do my lungs feel like? This, right here.

Posted by mousewrites on May 21, 2008

Humorous Pictures

That? That right there? that’s in my LUNGS right now. Oh god, it hurts with it’s little claws and tastes bad and I want to go home. 😦

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Imported old posts

Posted by mousewrites on May 16, 2008

Just imported everything from my old craft blog. Glee! Pictures seem to be working, and now I just need to go back and retag all 75 posts. ugh. Next will be my LJ posts (I think).

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Well, that theme didn’t last long.

Posted by mousewrites on May 14, 2008

Ok, ditched the other theme. I like this one better, even though it doesn’t have a customer header. I’ll just deal with it.

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this post robbed you with voice dictation.

Posted by mousewrites on June 7, 2006

so this thing does not work well; however, it is amusing.

When to black Angus with my friends to talk about knitting that I could not do. I very much to want to knit the nautilus from the latest issue of Knity. Its not going to be soon, however because my wrist to currently really hurts.

The other strange thing we were talking about a black Angus was the needy pattern of convertible convertible is a shawl/scarf thing that buttons up along the edges to make into a shrug. We can’t decide if we really like it or we really hate. Any opinions?

At black Angus last night someone asked me what I was going to enter into the county fair . I have even thought about the county fair as it is way off and make an August and the wedding is a mammoth also it hasn’t the miles per hour in .

That last sentence makes no sense whatsoever. Damn voice software!

I decided, spur the moment that I would enter my little blue Teddy bear into the fair. He needs a new vest to to hide the bad chest seem but other than that I think he came out pretty cute.

In a few weekends is Anacapa fine yarns 2 year anniversary . I’m excited about going to the party and hanging out with all of my friends. Also there will be a few drawings, I’m not sure exactly what the prizes are but they will probably be fun as Lois almost always has great prizes.

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The Rodneysaur

Posted by mousewrites on March 28, 2006

So… ya’ll know I craft, yes? I mean, I talk about it occasionally, right?

I finished something, finally.

A while a go I made a little blue teddy bear with a needle felted face. He got lonely, so I made him a friend. While working on the friend, I realized that I was making a Rodneysaur. You all have read that peice of OMGcute crack!fic, yes? No? GO NOW. It’s too cute.

If his friend is a rodneysaur, than that must make Blue Bear a Johnbear. And in the first picture I think he kinda looks like john… minus the hair, of course. But his cheek fur is wild, trust me.

So, here’s the only photos I have so far of Rodneysaur and Johnbear. Enjoy. Questions on how they are constructed are welcome.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Knitting again

Posted by mousewrites on February 13, 2006

Well, I’m knitting again. Doc gave me the go ahead. The long dry spell is over!

And what am I knitting, you ask? (Ok, nobody will ask, because it’s been so long that the only people visiting my blog now are spambots and the very occasional googler. HI GOOGLER!) I am knitting socks!

Yes, the sock bug has bitten me right in my mousy rump. And yet, I hate dpns. Why? They make my widdle wrists hurt (whine whine whine) . So, how am I knitting socks? Why, with 2 circulars, of course!

Image hosting by Photobucket

I’m using Brown Sheep Wildfoote in the color brown sugar, and the basic pattern. I shortened the cuff (I can’t stand long cuff socks… and this first pair has to be for me, because I know I’m going to screw it up somehow,) to only two inches. It fits fine, so far.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Which I actually don’t like that much. Oh well. At the time, it was the most interesting yarn that Anacapa Fine Yarns had.

this weekend was fun. Saturday I watched my friend ‘perform’ in the Death match wrestling, complete with ‘blood’ and extreme prop abuse. Sunday there was a yarn swap over at Heather‘s house. (Check out her pictures of the event. Yes, I am funny looking.)

It was me, Heather, Sandy (who needs a blog), Beatriz of GaucheKnits, and Terri. I got rid of some stuff, and got 3 sweaters (one handknit by Heather!) , a whole bunch of yarn, and a few handbags. And I ate enough cheezy potatoes to kill an irishwoman. Which I am, so I should be dead now, yes?

Sock pitures coming up!

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Oh my god

Posted by mousewrites on October 25, 2005

It’s been damn near two months. My god!

I finished the hats… And got a nice picture of us all together.

And then? I knitted my mother a hat out of Mission Falls 1824 Wool in Natural and Amethyst. Supposedly you can hit gage with size 8s… I hit it at size 4. Now, I know I knit loosely, but that’s ridiculous.

I also re-learned how to purl, from this site: Nice site, and good videos. The one I learned from, though, is this one, where it talks about ‘Finnish Purling’. I’ve been almost doing that for years, but now I can actually do it. My knitting speed has doubled, as that purl is nearly as fast as a knit, and my gage is much, much better! Purls used to be huge compared to knits. No longer!

With that knowledge under my belt, I tackled something else, but I can’t blog about it, because it may or may not be a present for somebody who may or may not be reading this blog. If anyone still reads this, I’ll keep you posted.

Other fun links: LiveJournal knitting communities!

There’s others, but those are what I read. Heck, you can even see them all at once here, in my custom made filter.

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Posted by mousewrites on August 29, 2005

So. Many. Hats…

My hands are going to fall off, but I’ve got 5 out of 9 hats done, with a 6th about 20% done.

I will do this. I CAN do this. Only one month to go, but I will perservere!

Wish me luck…

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