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About Mouse

Fiber – knitting, spinning, wet felting and needle felting.
Crafting – papercraft, painting, sculpting, other random stuff.
Gaming – console, tabletop, video, MMORG, board
Fandom – Harry Potter, due South, Doctor Who, Torchwood, SGA, Anime, and others too numerous to mention.
Technology – all of it. I love it. It’s a great time to be alive.
Internet – memes, links, and the interweb culture. You’ve been warned.
Graphics – Photoshop isn’t a program, it’s a religion. Textures for 3D and Second Life. Make my own filters with Filter Forge.
History This included things that are making history, such as news! Also part of Clan MacColin, 16 century highland reenactment group.


3 Responses to “About Mouse”

  1. Jen said

    Hi Mouse,

    I saw your post on BoingBoing and I don’t know if this idea fits the criteria for your steampunk wallpaper project, but what about a steampunk chicken or rooster?

    I am a big fan of poultry and the possible blending of poultry and steampunk is intriguing to me.

    I love the wallpapers you have posted so far by the way. Good luck with your one year goal!

    All best wishes,

    Jen Stamps

  2. I just started a new steampunk podcast called steampod. I would appreciate it if you could talk about it either here and/or your steampunk blog if your so inclined.

    Love your wall papers by the way!


  3. Sir Kit (Randy Ballew) said

    Dear Lady Mouse, I am fairly new to the PC world. Read sci-fi and watched anime, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop,etc.,for years before I finally got a computer. What I am trying to say is,your website,(and yourself, it sounds like,) are a total gas. Your writing is insightful,delightful and utterly creative. Please keep it up! You have a new fan. Like Chris said, I love your wallpapers, also! Sincerely, your awed servant, Sir Kit (Randy)

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