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Epic Fail.

Posted by mousewrites on November 30, 2008

catgirl army gearSo… It’s November 30th, around 9:30 PM. If all had gone according to plan, I should be somewhere around 49,000 words, pulling though the home stretch. My main character should be either in as much danger as superhumanly possible, or about 10 seconds from it.

Instead, she’s having a soda and a slice of pizza, blissfully unaware of the shadowy group about to pull her world down.

Yes, I fail. My final Nanowrimo count is 22,060, a full 27,940 words short of goal. I didn’t even make 50%. I am made of fail!

Yet, I do not despair. I have hope. I will continue to write, as I like this story, and have had some feedback from the couple of people who have read the work in progress that it just might polish up into something awesome. It has a mind-controlled emo catgirl army, for fuck’s sake. What could be better?

A finished novel could be better, I hear you cry.

Indeed, indeed. I know. But I’m happy with my WIP as it stands, and am optimistic for the future.


5 Responses to “Epic Fail.”

  1. lylbunny said

    I stumbled on this post via WP’s Readomattic. Hey, I think you’re in a great place. You’ve written a lot and what’s great is that you aspire to do more AND you have hope. Please, I’ve read of too many Nanowrimo authors that epic fail and whine and complain about it and they’re just not satisfied with what they have. Sure, striving to do better is always great, but take a look at what you’ve done and be PROUD of yourself!

    Congrats on getting all the way through November. I think you’re not as much full of fail as you think you are =)

  2. B said

    Are those armies of furby ears? That scares me.

  3. AJ said

    You are still awesome in my eyes for even attempting 🙂

    Oh, and pls finish so I can read! kthxbai.

  4. Rocket Robby said

    I think you rock out loud… You did awesome. Looking forward to more of your writing.

    Activision announced a drop day for Ghostbusters:

    Did you year that? That’s Mouse frothing at the mouth.

  5. Marty said

    Hey!! I just left a post on your steampunk wallpaper site, and then find out over here you are a NANOWRIMO’er!!!! You didn’t fail compared to me! I have meant to, sworn to, sign a pact with the devil to, start NANO and have never actually even started. I too have a plot. But alas, my life is full of busy busy work work—it’s all about this thing I do called eating and keeping a shabby leaky roof over my head. I emailed you about how I would go about using one of your steampunk wallpapers for my music composer website. I want something victoria looking with the low key earth tones and such. I saw one that had a yellowed/brown/stained paper look. Those tones would be AWESOME with an old sheet music score instead of regular paper. So, what do you think? And…what does it cost to use one of the wallpapers that is already done, versus commissioning you to do one for me from scratch? Thanks in advance!


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