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Posted by mousewrites on November 22, 2008

death note.

This isn’t fun anymore. I can’t write. CAN”T WRITE. I suck, i’m worthless, i’m unmotivated… looking at my story is like staring into the sun. Why do I do this every year! Oh, to take arms against a sea of semicolons, and by opposing, end this madness that is NaNoWrimo! Take heed, my brave and noble savages, those of you with rightfacing hearts that never had the hubris of the ‘NaNo novelist’ who, with pen upraised and soul wrapped in cotton, thought to themselves ‘I can do this.’

You are the brave ones, the right ones. I? I am nothing but a ball of madness wrapped in a sweater, with dishes undone and fingers aching. I will continue, as I have left my tenuous sanity behind.

Remember me, when they find my broken form, bleeding words from a hundred thousand paper cuts. Remember me.


(Picture credit .diamond grave. via Flickr)


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