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Where has Mouse gone to?

Posted by mousewrites on August 6, 2008

You like the images of style retro? The Web Steampunk Wallpaper is dedicated to compile screen bottoms whose visual aspect remembers to the steam motors and the old woman gears. An example is this titled image “Old Ideas”, happened in a photo of Paul Garland.

That’s the Babel fish translation of this page, where they mentioned I find the description amusing.

Sorry to be so AFK; is taking a lot of time. I’ve got about 1,500 hits a day, though, which is good for both my ego and my production rate. I may fall flat on my nose, but I’m much less likely to give up if 1,500 people are watching me.

And only one flame so far, which is kinda nifty. I know that these wallpapers I’m doing aren’t Great Works of Art. Half of them I’m ‘meh’ about. A few I outright dislike. But this is a kind of fat camp for my creativity. I haven’t done ANYTHING in so long that my muscles are atrophied. So I push myself. Hopefully I’ll get some more people who want to be featured on the site, and I can ‘share’ responsibility. That’d be awesome.

Here’s something I read today on Lifehacker, from Jeff Atwood :

Quantity always trumps quality. That’s why the one bit of advice I always give aspiring bloggers is to pick a schedule and stick with it. It’s the only advice that matters, because until you’ve mentally committed to doing it over and over, you will not improve. You can’t. When it comes to software, the same rule applies. If you aren’t building, you aren’t learning. Rather than agonizing over whether you’re building the right thing, just build it. And if that one doesn’t work, keep building until you get one that does.

This is what I am doing. I am COMMITTED (yes yes, with the paperwork and the comfy white coat) to doing wallpapers, and keep doing them. I’m learning a lot about myself. Part of that is that I’m so lazy I’m surprised I breathe, let alone do one wallpaper a day for the last 36 days. Yup, 36. Go me.

Guh. Well, I have to get up at 5 in the fucking morning to go to work for the next two weeks, so I better get going on tonight’s wallpaper.

Oh, and Dr. Horrible is free again. :: huge grin::


3 Responses to “Where has Mouse gone to?”

  1. Elentir said

    Congratulations from Spain by, are a magnificent web. 😉

  2. woefulHC said

    I have to say I agree with the comment by Jeff Atwood. Though, I might rephrase it as “quantity is a prerequisite for repeatable quality.” I have 17 cousins and siblings that have blogs. The one with the best (and most reliable) quality is the one that has been doing hers every day (or nearly every day) for five or six years. It does show in what she writes.

    I think this is especially important regarding the book length work that you have brewing. You can do this as evidenced by the desktops over the last month. Just do the same with the blog and the book (Hey, that’s a lot of work. Maybe only a paragraph each day, but that will certainly add up.) Thank you for the beautiful wall papers and the links to other beautiful steampunk sites.


  3. Rocket Robby said

    Miss your blog… Sniff.

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