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Slams her head repeatedly into her desk

Posted by mousewrites on July 12, 2008

I just deleted almost every comment on this blog. I am so stupid. This is what happens when I’m desperately trying to think of ideas for and I start ‘cleaning up’.

I’ve backed up a TEXT copy of all your kind words, but the comments themselves are gone. DAMNIT!!


4 Responses to “Slams her head repeatedly into her desk”

  1. R said

    Allow me to reiterate all of my comments:

    You rock.

    Gosh your so cool.

    How is it possible to be as cool as you and remain human?


  2. […] Mouse the steampunk wallpaper lady(I think) is running out of ideas so if you lurrrve the mix of cyberpunk and victoriana and want to see more of it drop her a line with your ideas. […]

  3. sparkesuk said

    How about an image of a broken iphone on a scientists table with the gears hanging out and the jewellery tools used for the repair around it.

  4. Nawel said

    aw well, It happens…
    Don’t slam it too hard šŸ™‚

    keep up your nice work.

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