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Deke, you crazy monkey.

Posted by mousewrites on June 25, 2008

Deke McClelland is one of those online Adobe Gurus, much like Russell Brown and Scott Kelby, that are not only amazing, but amusing. Of the three, I’m more used to Deke being the slightly wacky but subdued one, mostly because he runs in circles, and they’re all professional, yo. Today,Deke’s ‘wacky but kinda boring’ label just peeled off and fell to the ground, where he pissed on it and set it on fire (yes, he set it on fire after he pissed on it. He’s amazing like that).

deke1 Check out Deke POD.  In this episode, he give you 101 Photoshop tips in 5 minutes. Along the way he cusses, sings (badly, but in a delightful way), pokes fun at himself AND Photoshop and is purely entertaining. Yes, a bunch of his tips are just keyboard shortcuts, but if any of you have been though one of my Photoshop classes you would know that I adore keyboard shortcuts.

Turns out he’s much cooler than I thought. His website is pretty damn cool, and he’s a lot more… what’s the word? Um… geeky? Oh, wait, FUN! on his website than on his videos. Don’t get me wrong, his lynda videos are super useful, but the pacing is a bit slow (understandable, as the ones we used at the old job were ‘beginner’ videos), and he had to make worksafe jokes.

I like this Deke better.


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