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Firefox 3 – personal best and worst.

Posted by mousewrites on June 24, 2008

I downloaded Firefox 3 on Download Day, but didn’t install it until yesterday for various and sundry reasons. Install on The Dude (desktop, win xp sp2, Athlon dual core, 2 gig ram) went fantastic; like most upgrades I’ve had from Mozilla, the install itself went without a hitch.

In fact, all but two of my add-ons also came over. Here’s what I’m sporting (in the add-on department, you sickos.):

  1. Adblock Plus – Generally, I leave ads alone; if someone has ads to support their site, I attempt to do them the courtesy of leaving them alone. I do, however, immediately block ads that make me want to leave a page I want to read.
  2. Better Gmail 2  0.5 – Just installed this yesterday. Has a bunch of options; mostly they save me time.
  3. Blog This in Windows Live Writer 1.0.1DOES NOT WORK in Firefox 3, much to my chagrin. I’m forced to open Live Writer manually (oh, the horror!), and I can’t just select text and have it pop into a post. I clearly can deal, but I’m hoping that they update this add-on soon.
  4. Blue-GadgetBlue Organizer 3.4.2 – This thing is just cool. Context sensitive right-click menu. You Blue-optionsselect an address, the right click menu (or the icon) has  ‘map in Google maps, map in yahoo maps,’ and others. Select a book, it has amazon stuff. News will go to news, books to books. If you’re on a page with a gadget (like when I was researching my EEE PC see picture on right) and it’ll have a Find on New Egg, Best Buy, and reviews. Makes for quick comparison shopping. And the options  (left)  panel lets you pick and choose WHO it pops up.
  5. Download Statusbar – I like it for the visual across the bottom of my screen. Plus, it keeps the download box from popping up.
  6. Download Helper 3.0.4 – Installed it for one day to pull a video off of Picassa, haven’t had a chance to uninstall it yet.
  7. Download them all 1.0.3 – This add on, combined with this Google search hack (talked about on Lifehacker, #3 on that list), has expanded my musicical taste (and library) a lot.
  8. FireFTP 0.99.1 – I have to admit, I really hate most FTP interfaces. FireFTP makes me hate them less.
  9. Gmail Notifier – I’m addicted to email. This little icon in the corner of my screen is like my pusher. Hey, hey, mouse, you have email. You know you want to stop writing the boring old story and see who emailed you, right? Com’on, click me!
  10. Greasemonkey 0.8.20080609.0 – Just got this, mostly for Better Gmail up there.
  11. Smart Link 1.4 – Takes plain text links and lets you right-click to open them. I find it useful. (Add on seems to be gone from the Mozilla database, here’s the link to Lifehacker’s post about it.)
  12. Tab Mix Plus 0.3.6DOES NOT WORK in Firefox 3. 😛

Other things I really like about Firefox 3: the full screen actually hides all the toolbars, now. They even auto hide and show when you put your mouse up at the top of your screen This is super awesome. It will save my LCD screen from ‘image persistence’ (the LCD version of pixel burn in, which I have gotten from my browser title bar many times.)

ironman04_IronMan-FX-315OR On Jarvis (yes, I named my EEE PC Jarvis. Shut the hell up. I can’t help it, I love the movie.), I tried to install it, but couldn’t. This is mostly because I have no freking clue how to install stuff on Linux other than ‘sudo apt-get install firefox’, which says that Firefox 2 is the latest. I downloaded it OK, but there is not ‘install’ file. This is fine for now.

Jarvis doesn’t have very many add-ons; just Greasemonkey, and Writing Room 4 Google Documents, which hides the entire Google doc header area, including the HUGE ‘offline’ notice I get when using Google gears to write when not online. On a normal size screen, the ‘you are offline’ notice is probably one or two lines. On Jarvis, it takes up about 2 inches, which is a good quarter of my writing space. Another 3 or so is taken by the Google Docs header itself… which leaves me about 2 inches of text when I’m offline. this makes me quite unhappy. But, between the Firefox fullscreen mode, and the Writing room script, I get almost my entire screen back for writing, which is awesome.

All in all, I think that I like this update very much.


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