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Fiveday: 5 things I won’t miss about my old job (and 5 I will)

Posted by mousewrites on June 20, 2008

No matter how hard you honk or break wind, we all have to land alone.

The CEO of my old company. No, I’m not joking.

Today is my last day of work at my old company. I have mixed feelings about it, of course. So, I made a Fiveday.

MacgyverFive things I won’t miss about my old job

  1. The food. The cafe is trying hard, I know that. But even discounting the rumors of illness from their food, they are bloody damn slow, and despite my determination not to, the fact that they are blatantly, overtly religious kinda bothers me. I generally don’t give my business to places that feel it necessary to display signs of their religion, nudge-nudge wink-winking to other members of their group.
  2. The building. It’s falling down around our ears. Our maintenance man is fantastic, and, like McGuyver, can fix almost anything  with almost nothing. But their are stains on the ceiling tile, chips out of the wall, rips in the carpet… It just feels run-down. Even the chairs are tattered, and a lot of them are patched with tape, seat padding bulging through tears. It’s a small thing, but it bugs me. Our new mural is beautiful, however, and I have seen some improvements (new paint, repairs) over the last couple of months. So this may be fixed.
  3. Feeling like a naive moron for wanting to do the right thing. Not elaborating.
  4. That one person. Again, not going to tell you.
  5. The unpaid overtime. Being salaried sucks when you get three new initiatives a month, and are supposed to be spending 65-75% of your day with your direct reporting employees.

Five things I will miss about my old job.800px-Ducks_in_plymouth,_massachusetts

  1. My team. A lot. I almost stayed, guys. Almost. I will miss all of you. Be happy, in whatever you do.
  2. The other TMs. Even when you argued with me, or snapped at me, or glared at me because I’m pig-headed (which I totally am), I still appreciate everything I’ve learned from you. And most of the time you’re a laugh riot.
  3. Most of the other managerial type/support people. If I know you, I probably like you. 😀
  4. The ducks. Not enough ducklings this year. Get going on that egg laying, quackers! The geese are catching up with you.
  5. Finally, the company. Not my direct company, but the one we did support for. I adore your programs, I always will. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out.

I’ll update later, if I have time. Tonight is for partying!


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