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Spore Creature Creator review –

Posted by mousewrites on June 17, 2008

Welcome to! Today is the official release of the Spore Creature Creator. Both a free trial version and the complete Spore Creature Creator are now available. Be sure to sign up and share your creations in The Sporepedia here at


CRE_Ergot-06822923_fulI can’t really express to you adequately how much I’ve been anticipating this game. When I first heard about it, and it’s epic scope, I was floored. This is the kind of sandbox within a sandbox ‘game’ that I love. I’ve followed the game’s progress for years now, wincing every time they’ve pushed back the release date, crossing my fingers that feature creep wouldn’t cause the ultimate of Will Wright’s children to be stillborn.

Today, June 17th, a small bit of Spore has been let loose on the world.

You can download the Creature Creator , in both a trial mode, or the entire thing for the reasonable sum of $10 (that’s about a loaf of bread in current US dollars). Maxis and Will are smart enough to realize two things; firstly, there is a whole segment of the population that won’t want to do anything but make creatures, and probably wouldn’t buy the full game just to do so, and secondly that it’s a good idea to let the internets populate your database with a million creatures before the full game launches.

CRE_-06822925_fulI’ve made a handful of creatures already, just with the trial. It’s pretty fun, and the procedural way they generate motion and form  is not only intuitive, but works about 99% of the time. Only once have I ‘tricked’ the engine; I put a pair of legs too close to a pair of arms, and they ‘bled’ into each other. It looked like there is some kind of metaball modeling going on, and the two pieces shared a sphere of influence. Check out the screen shot. I don’t even consider that a bug; this thing is damn good at keeping parts not only straight, but smooth and sexy, too. I figure if your parts touch, they’re bound to get a bit sticky.

Ok, that last sentence came out way weirder than I intended.

Other than that, it’s been pretty damn seamless. I’ve made a little mouse like creature (ok, not really mouse-like), and a mosquito thing (above) and some kind of pink wiggly thing that I don’t need to be showing on here. There’s enough weird creatures coming out without my help, thank you very much.

spore-fullCRE_Oasis-06822924_fulI don’t have the $10 right now to buy the whole creator (switching jobs can suck. Damn  paycheck dead zone.), but I will soon. I highly recommend checking out this game, for lots of reasons, but mostly because it’s damn fun so far.


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