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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials | Fiveday, I’m in love.

Posted by mousewrites on June 13, 2008

 Vlad Studio 2

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials | – free desktop wallpapers, widescreen, dual monitors, iPhone wallpapers, backgrounds for mobile phones, wallpaper clocks, e-cards

For some people, Adobe Photoshop is a hobby. For others, it’s a tool. For me it’s a religion.

Oh, it’s not that I’m a monotheist. There are other programs out there, and they are nifty in their way, as well.pop squirell

  • The Gimp – Open source, which is fantastic, and free, which is also fantastic. Close enough to Photoshop that it drives me insane, though, as I try to use my keyboard shortcuts and such. Really, though, a great program.
  • Phoenix – In beta right now, but looks to be amazing. Web based, but not like _ or _; this is a full photo editor, and the worth 1000 guys (guys is gender neutral now, did you know?) show off their slickness.
  • PSP – Don’t look at me like that. Paint Shop Pro does 90% of what Photoshop does, plus has a set of things that PS doesn’t. Picture tubes, anyone? Many Photoshop tutorials can be followed perfectly well on PSP, and it’s a fraction of the cost of PS.
  • Lotsa others that I’m too lazy to look up.

But I love Photoshop. I love using it, I love teaching it, and, while I was on the phones, I loved doing tech support for it. But those days are behind me, now. I got popped up into management (damn my people skills!) and now I’m leaving for another company entirely. But, while my days of doing tech support for Photoshop are over, my relationship with the program is not.

I’ve been using it since my sophomore year in high school, which  makes it, oh… fourteen years now. That’s a lot of Photoshop. I remember my first picture; AJ and I laboriously used the magic wand tool to select a little girl and put her on the moon. It took us hours, because we kept messing up, and we didn’t know how to go back. Of course, we were also using Photoshop 2.3, which didn’t even have layers. Not that it would have helped much; we were about as Photoshop ignorant as you could get. But it made us so proud when that child stood on the moon.

Wallpaper-testEven after 14 years, I learn new things about Photoshop all the time. If Photoshop is an ocean, I certainly have my skipper’s licence (I’m a Adobe Certified Expert, which makes me wiggle with joy), but I still look to the horizon, because the waters are endless.

I’ve taught PS classes at many levels. I’ve helped other people get their ACE. I’ve walked people through processes on the phone so well that I’ve gotten awards for it, for goodness sake. I’m, to be perfectly immodest, really really good at Photoshop.

But I learn new shit constantly. CONSTANTLY, I tell you.

Just today, my friend Rachael (Hi, Rachael, if you’re reading this) showed me that if you’re cropping, but want the option to hide instead of delete, you must have more than 1 layer. I didn’t know that! Brandi, the other day, had an issue with deleting one color channel and what that did to an RGB image (it randomly makes it CMYK with a channel missing, for some reason). I didn’t know that, either.

And I’ve found a pile of good tutorials. Some are new, some are not, but here’s a Fiveday (a new feature here on G.A.) on Photoshop tutorials.

  1. Worth1000’s tutorials – Not updated all that often, but there are some amazing tutorials here. My favorite (currently, anyway) are the Honey, Chocolate Skull, and Robotic Frog tutorials, though the Bubble brush tutorial is a great one for making brushes.
  2. Deviant Art – I didn’t even realize there were Photoshop tutorials in Deviant art until I stumbled on this Vlad Studio 3page at PhotoshopRoadmap. Like all of Deviant Art, there are good tutorials, and bad ones, and everything in between. Look  around. I like this Walls one, as well as this blood one. Make sure you look around in the whole ‘Digital art’ tutorial category; you can use Photoshop to do almost every tutorial in there.
  3. Instructables – Yes, yes, another Instructables plug. I can’t help it. You tell them to stop being so damn useful. This ‘Creating a 3D image with the Gimp’ tutorial is particularly sweet. Again, look around for all related tutorials, not just Photoshop. The squirel picture on this page was made in PS with that Gimp tutorial.
  4. Vlad Studio – OMG, these are neeto. He is promoting his wallpapers, and with good reason; most of them are amazing. My faves of the moment are the Patek Philippe Watch – making of and Frog – making of.
  5. Google – cheap shot. But really, there’s something along the line of 3,620,000 results for “Photoshop tutorials’, and Google is, collectively, a better Photoshop teacher than I will ever be.

Well, I’m going to go to bed before my brain melts out my ears, but I know Photoshop will be waiting for me in the morning.

Ctrl-S, Amen.


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