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Calf Cramps: Causes and Solutions – Associated Content

Posted by mousewrites on June 7, 2008

Calf cramps can be exceedingly painful, and everyone has experienced this pain at least once in their life. The most agonizing pain comes at some point during your sleep, but painful cramp pain can also occur during athletic training. They can instantly halt whatever it was you were doing.

Calf Cramps: Causes and Solutions – Associated Content

Photo - CowboyDave @flickr I haven’t had a leg cramp in over a year. Last night, around four AM, I woke the whole house with my screaming. If you’ve never had one, think of a good sized dog sinking their teeth into your upper calf, and biting down as hard as they can. I can’t even think when I have a cramp, just scream and flail wildly. Stephen managed to straighten my leg through the flailing, and the cramp just disappears, leaving my leg sore and tight.

I am pathetically, sobbingly grateful every time he saves me from one of these. I cannot straighten my own leg because I can’t even identify what’s going on; they happen when I’m deeply asleep, and I go from REM to ungodly pain in about a second. My brain isn’t even really awake, all it know is ‘Ow, ow, make it stop, make it stop.’

I would break under torture, I think. If having a baby is as painful as my leg cramps (and I have no reason to think it’s not), then maybe I’ll just babysit little Charlotte and get a No Vacancy tattoo on my uterus.

Stephen, you help me every day, but last night, you saved me. I love you.


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