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Itty Bitty Bottlecap Pincushion

Posted by mousewrites on June 5, 2008

Remember my post about the little pincushion? I got off my ass and made one! I have become physically unable to watch tv (and by tv I mean streaming tv on the Internet, as I don’t even own a godbox anymore, which, incidentally, makes playing my ps2 a real bitch – that is, if my ps2 actually worked, which it doesn’t, rendering this entire comment nearly meaningless) or a movie without doing something with my hands.

As I can’t masturbate all the time, and anyway, it’s rude in front of company, I do crafts of various sorts while watching tv. Now, both my husband and I suffer from ‘tv paralysis’, that horrible moment when you realize that all motion save peristalsis in your body has stopped while you absorb information, however trivial, from the flickering box, only to shake yourself out of it to find your grape nehi has spilled and your pants are full of post-processed moon pies. Therefore, I needed something in my hands that, in the need arises, can fall harmlessly from nerve-dead fingers and not injure or humiliate me. Embroidery/hand sewing fits that bill. Knitting, mostly, does not, because I have to count with knitting. Counting + brain paralysis = not good.

Hm. Looking at those two paragraphs, it occurs to me that maybe I shouldn’t blog after my bedtime anymore.

Anyhoo, here’s Verybigjen‘s pincushion, which is cute as a button, and mine, which, as you can see, is blurry.

bottlecap-pincusion bottlecap-pincusion---mine

We can clearly see a few things from this. A) her camera is better than mine. B) She has the worlds smallest square gaming mat, or a big piece of graph paper. C) I’m still rather disgustingly Goth.

ecospunRemember that it’s a recycled bottle cap, covered in Ecospun, which is from recycled bottles. Here’s the ‘haul’ I got (woo, big spender, $.39 a sheet!)

Ok, going to bed. My head is fuzzy. I’m sure, in the morning, this post will mortify me.


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