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HeroQuest – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Posted by mousewrites on June 1, 2008

Barbarian – The barbarian is depicted as being tall and muscular, brandishing a broadsword. He is the strongest character in combat, benefiting from excellent attack and moderately good defense, but lacks any magical abilities. He has the most amount of body points so can withstand a lot of injury.
Dwarf – The dwarf is short, stocky and well armored, carrying a battle axe. He is very good in defense, but lacks the attack strength of the barbarian and has no magical abilities. The dwarf also has the unique ability of being able to disarm traps without special equipment. He has slightly fewer body points than the barbarian.
Elf – The elf is tall and slender, armed with a short one-handed sword. He is equal in attack strength to the dwarf, but is able to use one kind of elemental spell – air, earth, fire, or water magic. He has still fewer body points than the dwarf.
Wizard – The wizard wears a full-length cloak and carries a staff. In combat, he is the weakest in attack, but compensates for this by being able to use three kinds of spells, for a total of nine spells. Has very few body points so can be easily killed in combat.

HeroQuest – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Last night I played HeroQuest for the first time. Our friend Tyler found the game online, and, in a fit of nostalgia, purchased the whole set, including a bunch of expansions. It took some super glue, and improvised spell cards, but we were up and running within about an hour.

Hero-Quest Man, what a blast. Our characters (including some of the expansion characters) were nerdy in the extreme:

  1. Bubba the Barbarian – My husband, of course. He has a tenancy to play clothies and healers in other games, so he wanted to be The Badass. He was.
  2. Bifidus the Paladin – Kimmi couldn’t name her character. It wen through about 6 names before she spotted Bifidus on her yogurt container.
  3. Bardomanzy the dwarf – Gene’s character. I can’t remember what his name was (had to ask the husband), but I couldn’t during the game, either.
  4. ClickClackaspray the Imperial Noble. He bravely ran away, away.
  5. TB, short for ‘The Consumption’ the cowardly Wizard. Yes, I know, that’s a terrible, not funny pun… except it totally is, since 3 of us work or worked at Stream Inc, where there was a TB scare a while ago, and many jokes about The Consumption are still bandied about.

In addition to the mindwarpingly nerdy characters, we had moments of terrible, terrible punnieness:

  • Bubba tries to give TB a staff he got. My reaction? “No, NOT THE MRSA!”
  • ClickClackaspray, after we defeated the big boss: “See you guys in the inn!” and LEAVES THE BOARD.
  • Bardomanzy finds a loose brick (searches the room for treasure) and when he pulls it out, a goblin expands out of the hole and falls on him for 2 points of damage.
  • ClickClackaspray, again, gives a monster a cleft palette, after which the poor thing mopes itself to death.

A great time was had by all. Thanks, Tyler, and I’m looking forward to playing again in a few weeks.


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