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my half of the brain

Posted by mousewrites on May 31, 2008

more tutorials than you can shake a stick at

my half of the brain
dante's purseThe Internet continually gives me presents. Two or three days ago it was Whip up, a craft aggregation site with some really cute things, such as this little knitted and sewn bag pattern. Cute, no? And they have many different kinds of crafts, not just knitting and sewing.

Example from their Recent Posts sidebar:

Somehow, this site leads me to My Half of the Brain, the sight of which nearly stopped my wee little heart. Tutorials… tutorials and tutorials, with a side of tutorials. Guh. There is a bit of crossover with Whip up, but each one has enough original content to keep me busy.

bottlecap-pincusion I found this little tut on there by Verybigjen, which, amazingly enough, has a link to the new Instructable (remember my Instructables post of like 20 hours ago? It’s like it’s all connected!). I think it’s darling, and of course we just got rid of all of our recyclables about 10 minutes ago, which means I don’t have a bottlecap for it. I guess I’ll have to go buy a bottle of pop. Oh, darn.

Between Whip Up, my half of the brain, and Instructables, I should be shot if I ever say that I’m bored.


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