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Posted by mousewrites on May 16, 2008

Now that I’m finally getting some breathing room from work (possibly changing jobs. More on that later) I’m crafting again.

Wands The lovely ladies of the Creation Station have asked me to do a repeat performance of my last panel at KumoriCon, in which we modified teddy bears to be more… anime. It was fun.

They’re also looking for more kid friendly activities. So I dusted off my bookmarks and looked up, one of my favorite websites for kidcrafts.

His Wizard stuff is particularly fun. I started on some wands last night. I didn’t have a spot to use the spray paint (in my tan carpeted house at 1 am) so they’re not even remotely done, but they look pretty good for a half hour of work. They’re newspaper and glue. Neat, huh? – Wizard’s Wands


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