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Test from Windows Live.

Posted by mousewrites on May 14, 2008

Wanted to see if this will work. Looks like, so far, Windows Live Writer has successfully detected the WordPress blog, and has me signed in (as far as I can tell). So, I’ll give it something to chew on, with formatting and a picture.

This is the picture I took the current (as of 5/14/08 ) [Edit: turned my 08 ) into a happy face with shades, which is slightly annoying.] masthead from:

Wallpaper-test It does seem to let me put text next to the picture, but it wraps to the bottom, which isn’t really what I wanted. Let’s see if I can tweak that.


Yes, that’s better. I’ll see what that looks like after I publish. So, as I was saying, that’s the picture I took the heading from. I did a simple crop in Photoshop CS3 Extended (there’s my first hyperlink. Nice options to put in a link to a post or a glossary entry.)

Ok, so, inline images, easy links. Those are awesome. Let’s try some video. [Edit: first publish, NO video. Shows up in Writer, but not on the website. Hmmm.] [Edit again: may be a WordPress limitation. checking.] [Edit the third: WordPress does allow video, just not from Imeem. That’s slightly anoying. Well, anyway, at least I can put up video if I really, really need to.

That’s from Imeem, and it seems to work fine [see paragraph above to why there’s no video here]. Even lets me inline it, that’s pretty cool.

Oh, the video is a geeky Doctor Who fanvid that I made. I really don’t like the last 10 seconds or so, but I can’t be arsed to change it (can’t find the original files. Go me.) I did work pretty hard on making the action happen on beat, though.

Ok, so, we’ve tried the following:

  1. Image import
  2. Inline image support
  3. Hyperlinks
  4. Video support
  5. Numbered Lists (ha)

Live Writer does act just like a word processor. Formatting shortcut keys work fine (ctrl-i for italic, for instance). I’m going to publish this and see how it looks compared to my original.


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