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Sock Wars III – Home

Posted by mousewrites on May 14, 2008

Welcome to the original and bloodiest death-by-knitting tournament.

Sock Wars III kicks off on 9th May 2008 and will run until only one blood-soaked champion remains. Over 1,000 knitters around the world have already signed up – are you brave enough to do battle with them til the death?

Sock Wars III – Home

I watched my friend B do this this weekend. It was amazing; she knit 2 socks in less than 3 days, and one of those we were at Disneyland. Now, I adore knitting, but I can’t imaging knitting that quickly on such small needles. Her victim is already dead, not that she knows it yet.

It’s like a knitting version of the game “global thermonuclear war” from the movie War Games; each person finishes their sock as fast as possible, and, if they finish it before they get a pair of socks in the mail, they ‘shoot’ them at their victim. This means that everyone could be dead (all the socks in the mail) and no one could know it. Mutually assured destruction.

Maybe we should have them play tic-tack-toe instead?


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