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this post robbed you with voice dictation.

Posted by mousewrites on June 7, 2006

so this thing does not work well; however, it is amusing.

When to black Angus with my friends to talk about knitting that I could not do. I very much to want to knit the nautilus from the latest issue of Knity. Its not going to be soon, however because my wrist to currently really hurts.

The other strange thing we were talking about a black Angus was the needy pattern of convertible convertible is a shawl/scarf thing that buttons up along the edges to make into a shrug. We can’t decide if we really like it or we really hate. Any opinions?

At black Angus last night someone asked me what I was going to enter into the county fair . I have even thought about the county fair as it is way off and make an August and the wedding is a mammoth also it hasn’t the miles per hour in .

That last sentence makes no sense whatsoever. Damn voice software!

I decided, spur the moment that I would enter my little blue Teddy bear into the fair. He needs a new vest to to hide the bad chest seem but other than that I think he came out pretty cute.

In a few weekends is Anacapa fine yarns 2 year anniversary . I’m excited about going to the party and hanging out with all of my friends. Also there will be a few drawings, I’m not sure exactly what the prizes are but they will probably be fun as Lois almost always has great prizes.


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