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Intarsia Bunny

Posted by mousewrites on May 24, 2005

So… I’m doing a trade with a friend for some old due South tapes (cop show from the late 90s) .

My part of the trade? A knitted bunny. But not just any bunny…

A Benton Bunny.

This is Benton Fraser. He’s a member of the RCMP.

And this is the Bunny in Progress. No, no lanyard, or hat, and no, he’s got no boots on… but a bunny doesn’t need boots, right? I modified the Heartstrings Bunny pattern for this, and tried intarsia for the first time. Not as bad as I thought it would be, by a long shot.

And I’ve decided I like knitting backward way more than I like doing a whole row of purls. I don’t mind purls and knits together, but a whole row of purls makes me cringe for some reason.

He’s not quite done, but I thought I’d post an in progress pic…


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