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Posted by mousewrites on November 23, 2004

Well, the Doc says no knitting till the new year. This is killing me. I can’t finish any of the projects (ok, start the projects) that I wanted to give for Christmas! I’m a knitter who isn’t allowed to knit!

Kill me.

But Kitten and I did find a way to get me through.

This is the Sew Easy knitting machine. Yeah, I know, a machine for knitting sucks the soul right out of it. You’re right. It does. But… Even souless knitting is better than no knitting, and I can turn the crank on this baby in my wrist brace, with no pain.

So, what have I done with it? Four scarves in two days. I’m using up yarn faster than I’m buying it, which my mate thinks is amazing. The first two are silly acrylic, one with the rest of the skein of Bleeding Aorta that I used to make the Brain Condom Hat:

And one is in charcoal and white random yarn, with random stripes, and random fringe. It’s a bit odd. No picture of that.

The last two were created in less than a hour. TWO scarves in an hour. unbelievable. Why did it go so fast? Because one was in Trendsetter Viola, which is so slinky that the machine ran like it was empty, and the other one was in a yarn I lost the ball band for, but was equally slinky.

Two scarves in an hour. Can’t believe it. But I have friends who will love it, and so I’m happy.

The machine isn’t foolproof (ok, with slinky yarn, it’s pretty close, but for everything else, it’s not). You have to watch it closely, and sometimes rescue dropped stitches, or, more horribly, sometimes a stitch will be streched all out, and you’ll have to do some surgery to get it back to normal. But that just kind of makes me like it more. And it doesn’t like splitty yarn, and you can’t change needle size, tension, or number of stitches.

In short, it’s a poor substitute for the real thing. But for 20$, it’s good enough for me.

When you’re jonesing for a hit, who cares what the quality of your drug of choice is?


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