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Wool dreams…

Posted by mousewrites on September 7, 2004

Remember that fleece I bought at the spinning compition at the fair? Well, I washed it with the little vial of Wooly Wash that I got from my Secret Pal (thanks!), and have a suprizing amount remaning. It was a pound going in, and it must be less than that now, but it seems like a bunch of wool!

Here’s the washed fleece. Yes, there’s bleaching. And it’s less black than dark brown. But it has so many colors! I hope to be able to card it all together into a heathered brown mix.

Here’s the first tiny bit I spun. It has a tendancy to be a bit nubby, but I can work around it.

Also started another NSB. This one I will pay more attention to the shaping; on the last one I started the decreases too soon, so it was more of a triangle. This one will be more bell shaped, like the yellow/blue one.

Using Lambs Pride Bulky I have, and it seems to be knitting up quick. I’m about two inches up the sides after only an hour of knitting.

Here’s the colors this bag is in. Rasberry sides, almond edging. And maybe a pocket.


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