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Posted by mousewrites on June 29, 2004

I hate being in limbo! Work is still up in the air, so I have no idea of my future. But I have to plan…

Therefore: I’m announcing my other website:

There’s my resume, and a gallery of my work.

If anyone is interested, I will be opening a ‘shop’ to work on graphics: you need a button? Banner? That great picture you took of your sweater needs color correction? 5$. Almost anything, 5$. New webring? Need seven or eight graphics for it? Let me know. I do 3D work, web work, photo manipulation, and all sorts of stuff. Take people out of photos? Sure. Make a picture of you with Orlando Bloom? Fine. De-aging is a specialty of mine. (Who needs plastic surgery? I can fix you up right now!)

Before Mouse’s Magic Makeover

After Mouse’s Magic Makeover


Email me at

Ok, enough pimping, back to the knitting.

I suck. I’ve started and frogged the Madli’s Shawl three times. Then I decide to do a smaller repeat until I get the hang of it… frog, frog, frog.

So then I look around in the IK issue for something simpler. Kitten suggested I try for easy lace, rather than start a whole friggin’ shawl. I found the Snuggly Baby Hats by Lora Steil in the back of the issue. One is a faggot and lace pattern that is only like 17 stitches and 8 rows. I mean, I should be able to do that, right?

Wrong. Frog, frog, frog.

Maybe I’m not cut out for lace. Maybe I need to stick to cables and colorwork, so I can see where I am.

And I think there might be a problem with the chart: (NOTE: this is NOT the pattern, it’s just an example to make my point.) It’s supposed to be seed stitch.

On the open squares you knit on the right side, purl the wrong side.

On the filled (dots) squares you purl the right side, knit the wrong side.


… am I wrong that that produces ribbing? I tried it a few times and got ribbing every time. Am I an idiot? Or am I reading it wrong? Or what?

Not much progress besides that. Fruit hat 2 isn’t going anywhere. The Sophie bag is languishing in my trunk.

I have been doing stuff. I’m about half way done with the teddybear for Red: she picked out these god awful button eyes that look like quarters. “Like the Irish,” she said. “Pennies on the eyes.” Ok, they make the white bear look even more dead than he already did. It’s a little zombie bear. Maybe I should make it drool, or embroider little flies around its head?

I’ll have a picture of Mr. Bear and Red’s Little Dead Bear next time, I think…

The other thing I’m doing is that I’m learning to play the Fiddle. Went to the THING this weekend and learned a few tunes. Love the fiddle. Love MY fiddle…

Got to go for now. Remember, if you’ve got that picture from your weeding, and you need to take out Drunk Cousin Maude from the corner, I can do it. Just email me at


2 Responses to “”

  1. jenifleur said

    I’m thinking that maybe that chart is meant to be “.” = knit on right side, purl on wrong side. Otherwise, yes, that would make ribbing.

    I left a note here before, or thought I did, maybe I’m stoopid-but I noticed your clan is going to ft. macarthur and I was wondering if you’d be there too? I’m going with my husband’s roman legion and I thought maybe we could meet up…

    I’m delving into Madli in August, hopefully it will behave for me.

  2. Anonymous said

    some charts only show the odd rows, and on even rows you are supposed to workthe stitches as presented

    with this chart format, what you showed would not be rib

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