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Posted by mousewrites on June 3, 2004

The Great Stash Redistribution Project

Ah, what fun I had! And I took pictures!

The Aran box got to my work Friday, but, as I wasn’t there to get it, I didn’t get it till Tuesday. I hopefully will have it in the mail by this Friday.

The box!

When I opened it, I was wary. So much has been said recently about the low quality of the contents of the boxes that I was steeling myself for Red Heart and Sugar and Cream Cotton. But LO! Verily, the riches do pour forth!

Yarn. Yarnyarnyarnyarn!

The cotton: all different kinds. Some beautiful colors, some baby stuff. Enough yarn to make garments in at least 3 different kinds of yarn. I’ve never knit with cotton, but I’m a bit afraid of it after all I’ve read about hurting wrists and such. So I fondled it and put it away.

The wool: not too much wool, but the two skeins of Lopi were interesting. Lopi is one of those yarns I can use without blinking for my Reenactment stuff. But I’ve got enough wool. I put it aside.

The Fancy: WOO! All sorts of stuff. Flora in two colors (blaze and passion flower?) and Eros in 1024, and ribbon and all sorts of stuff I’ve never heard of but the colors! The textures! The… sparkle! Some of it was pure scarf-yarn stuff, but… Fun to look at. Enough in the soft synthetic bocule to make at least 2 tops, one in a bright purple and the other in a color that reminds me, I kid you not, of those Circus Peanut candies. Yuch! A bit of eyelash, in black and white, and other bibs and bobs.

I snagged the Eros.

Other: this is the small section of silk, angora, and Notions that was in the box. A full set of some kind of dark green silk (note says it’s enough for a shirt) and a few handspun skeins of silk. And 2 tiny soft pink angora skeins that I would so take if I could think of a use for baby pink angora yarn… Not enough for a hat or scarf, but I don’t think I could make booties that would do it justice. So le sigh, back in the box it goes. A few wooden needles, a peg counter, and some beautiful stitch markers.

And a bonus: I didn’t know there was going to be books in the box! Click on the picture to see it up close. Debbie Bliss "How to knit", a book called Simply Beautiful Sweaters, and patterns, patterns, patterns. A bunch of crochet stuff, and a sock pattern, and a fiber trends hat pattern.

Well, with all of that, I still have to choose…

I’m snagging the Lorna’s Laces sock yarn in the Rainbow colorway, the Eros 1024, and the peg stitch counter. And I’m putting into the box 8 skeins of Lambs Pride. I hope that balances out…



2 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous said

    It may puddle or pool depending on your stitch gauge. I’ve seen it completely random and I’ve seen it make all warm on one side and all cool on the other.

    As for one skein, if you have “normal sized” feet, you could make footie/tennis length socks (not much leg) or with a solid, you could do a pattern thing (there’s a COOL slipstitch pattern with a navy and a rainbow).

    Make sense?

  2. Laura said

    Just wanted to welcome you to the CA knitbloggers ring, and to ask you what kind of reenactment do you do?

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