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Posted by mousewrites on May 25, 2004

About half moved into the new place. The Mate did something very, very nice; he gave me a whole wall for my crafting stuff. Now i’ve got an eight foot table, a set of wire cubes (like the ThreadBear yarn cubes) for my yarn, and a bookcase for my growing craft books section. Life is good.

Not much other crafting news. Kitten (formaly Biddy on this blog) is going to teach me to follow a sewing pattern. I know how to sew, basicaly; my grandmother let me learn when I was little, and I can knock out a pillow or a stuffed animal… as long as I am designing it. Patterns scare me. Kitten promises that learning patterns won’t hurt… much.

No picture of the purple fruit hat; the mother-to-be showed up at faire this weekend, and I gave the hat to her. But here is a sketch:

My take on the fruit hat.

Knitting on the sophie bag is going well; i’m about 14 rows into the body of the bag. Granted, I knitted some of it while at Musicalie at Ren Faire, so the decreases are a bit… off. Just a few stitches. Not too bad, and i’m not going to rip back. Not for 2 stiches on a felted bag. Not worth it.

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully i’ll have pictures of my new craft area soon.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend if you get it off,



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