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Posted by mousewrites on May 21, 2004

Finished the fruit hat, with it’s ginormus leaf. I mean it, the leaf is huge. Will come to the kids ear, I think, once she is born and wears it. Wearing it now would be… sticky.

Yey for me! I followed a pattern, with only one little mistake! That leaf is cute; it has a little ridge of slip stitches running up the center, and the shaping is simple and nice. I know, I know, big deal, but I’ve never really followed small, complex patterns before. I’m more of a ‘yeah, yeah, I get it, make it get smaller at the top’ kind of knitter. Does this mean I design my own stuff? Kinda; I incorporate a pattern into my brain, and my brain disects peices of it, which show up other places. Why? I dunno, just how my brain works, I guess.

But I did that leaf… maybe I can do lace or something…

Now, I know that Caroline reads the blog (Hi Caroline!) but i’m just not sure anybody else does. Anyone wanna drop me a note to say ‘I read it’ so I don’t feel so lonely?

/cue sad music and big eyes.

Speaking of big eyes; go see Shrek 2, if just for Puss in Boots. He’s so… catlike it’s scary. We were squeeing the whole time because of the catlikeness of this cat. hairballs, licking himself, and an ego the size of the entire world. And evil. Very evil. Like… purring to make you pick him up and then clawing your eyes out. And subtle things… like staring at himself adoringly in a passing window. If cats could talk… they would be Puss.

when I find a picture of the Big Eyes i’ll put it up. Seriously, this is a smart, funny movie. The kids won’t get all the jokes… but you will. There’s movie homages to many things; Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters (Squee!) and just about every other great movie in history. So, so funny.


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  1. Maus said

    Hi I read it 🙂
    hehe, got a pi cture of that leaf with a hat attached??

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