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Posted by mousewrites on April 15, 2004

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
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Hee hee. Take that, Red!

Hey there. Doing some neat stuff. Finally finished the pair of Fuzzy Feet for my little sister. I started the damn things back in November, meant to give them to her at Christmas… then it was pushed to her February birthday… and beyond. But I finished them. I did. Yey me.

Ok, they don’t match because the second I did at a Silent Weekend and forgot the pattern. But she won’t notice. Hell, she might not even ever wear them. But I feel good.

Hmmm, what else is going on? Oh, I’m doing a speech about felting in my speech class, and so have been felting balls for a few weeks. No, I’m not being dirty… After doing the first by hand, I decided to take the automated rout; handfuls of half felted wool plucked right out of the brown soak water, shoved into pantyhose and tied shut. I had a washer full of the weirdest looking wool sausages… Anyway, I’ll have pictures when I’m done… I hope. I also dyed a bunch of old roving I had, so that people can customize their balls.

And we all know how much people like to have customizable balls.

On the dyeing front, I have an exciting opportunity.

This is a Sea Hare:

If agitated, they will produce ‘ink’.

In my Marine Biology class, somebody brought in a Sea Hare… So, of course, when they offered to tickle it to show us the ink, I ran for a cup and, when they pulled the squirming gastropod from the water, I collected the violently purple liquid spewing from it. I have, in my fridge, two test tubes of Sea Hare Terror, bottled and labeled.

I’m going to try to dye some fiber with it. Now, I don’t know what mordant I need, or if it will take, or if trying it is going to make my head explode. But I do know that with documentation, this undertaking, even if I fail, will count for two required papers; one for marine biology, and the other for my reenactment group. How do you think they got ‘royal purple’? That’s right, they did things like tickling big slugs and pissing on lichien and then dyed their clothing with it.


Wish me luck; one source I found said it won’t work. Maybe I’ll just pee on it…


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