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Posted by mousewrites on March 24, 2004

Well, if you’ve notices changes.. you’re right. Stupid blogger ate my blog, and my template, and all my posts except for the first two. So I have no archives, no previous posts…

Not that I’ve been updating lately. My sitemeter confirms that no one is reading this blog but me. But that’s ok.

Means I can cus.

FUCK! ASS! (in honor of Boondock Saints, a faboo movie)

I have been knitting, however:

I knit a stripy baby hat on Saturday, just a simple rolled brim thing, but the little boy I handed it to liked it. At some point I will make me a long stripy stocking-cap type thing, with a point that trails down my back. Maybe with a little pom pom … I know that it’s pom pon, but I agree with the lady from Stitch ‘n Bitch that it makes it sound like a feminine product.

Also from Stitch n’ Bitch, I’m making the Punk Rock Backpack, with a monkey on it. … Yes, this means I’m going to try Intarsia, but… Monkey! How could I resist? I’m doing it in blue, with a brown and cream monkey. My mate thinks I should write “I fling Poo” under it, but… Maybe not. Don’t want to encourage the poo-flinging monkeys, do we?

On other crafting news, I have many many ideas for my ceramics class. I may actualy try to throw on the wheel today; i’ve been avoiding it because i’ve been too depressed to get filthy. I know, how sad is that?

You can never be to depressed to get dirty!

And i’m a dirty girl.


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