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Posted by mousewrites on January 8, 2004

Alright. I’m participating in the ThreadyBear knit along, and Matt has come up with so many different colors for us to try!

Here’s the colors I’m debating: (in order ) Hedgerow, Jeans, Spice, and Tumbleweed

I like how these colors bring some of the pattern forward, and some of it back. Dimensional! Which should I do?

On other news: I’ve made some health decisions, and joined Curves. My goal is to drop from a 24 (you didn’t know I was a fat mouse, did you?) to a 14. Which, technically, is still ‘overweight’ for this society, but fuck um. And, while I am changing my eating habits, I don’t mind the weight, as long as I’m healthier. I’m geneticaly disposed to getting diabeties, so i have to be careful… I have to be able to keep up with the boy when he’s dancing, you know…. Wish me luck.


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