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Posted by mousewrites on November 17, 2003

Hello again!

Boy, November is hella busy for me! I feel better than last time, and no, you don’t want to know.

Lets see… Haven’t knitted a stitch. Not one. Haven’t even picked up my needles in days and days, though I look at my yarn and drool now and again.

I did pick up “Folk bags” at Borders. Looks faboo. With all the bag knitting going on, (I blame Rob and Wendy), this book couldn’t have come at a better time!

Here’s some of the bags I’ve found patterns for (* means free pattern!):

*Suki, from Knitty

Booga, (link to Wendy), mistress of Booga bags)

Lots of bags from Two Old bags, pictured in Rob’s blog , my favorite so far; the felted daypack

And all the other bags on Rob’s blog are great too.

anybody else have any neat bag patterns? Maybe I’ll take after Wendy and put up a bag pattern page…



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