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Posted by mousewrites on October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween!

Question for Blogger veterans; see down there, at the bottom of my blog? There’s a set of links to the Webrings I’m on, and they will NOT all line up on one line. I can’t figure out why… Any hints? Also I seem to be having a problem with my Archives…. Hmmm. To the support section! :cue batman music:

I like this blogger thing, I think.

Moving offices is going well; my new cube is about twice as big as my old one, so that’s pretty cool. And if I stand up (half sized cube walls) I can see out the window and the Pacific Ocean. Yes, living in southern California does have a few advantages. Though, with all this fire, not that many.

Yes I’m near the fire. Yes, I know people who have lost their homes, though, thank god, none that have lost their lives. It’s been smoky and ashy and awful here for a while… But it seems to be a bit better now. Colder, wetter. The fires are 30-60% contained. Now what we need is a nice earthquake… 😛

School is long. I’m working, and going to school, AND attempting NaNoWriMo again this year. You can follow my NaNo Blog, if you’re so inclined. (I know, nobody will. :D)

No knitting/fiber news, other than the fact that I like my short row ears. I want to include a progress bar in this blog, but it will have to wait for tomorrow…


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